About me

Hey there and welcome to my blog! 🙂

My name is Mateja and I love all sorts of crafts – knitting, sketching, crocheting… you name it! When I’m not busily knitting, I enjoy drinking rooibos tea and reading crime stories. Also, I love to travel whenever my work as a psychologist allows it.


Here, I want to share some of my adventures in the world of knits, sews and diy projects with you – knittle by knittle…

Why “knittle by knittle”?

Well, this is a little blog about knitting – blurred together, it’s a knittle. Since this is my first blog and I want to take little steps, this blog is progressing knittle by knittle. That’s where I got my name. And fun fact: “knittle” is actually an old word for “string” or “cord” – so it fits the topics I want to blog about nicely 🙂