Warm ears thanks to the “Say My Name”-beanie


In this blog entry, I want to show you one of my knitting projects. Now that it’s getting colder in Germany, it’s time for warm hats – as swapping your ears for icicles is appealing. And this hat works miracles against cold ears…

The hat by Wool and the Gang (WATG) in this blog entry is called “Say My Name”-beanie (to get the respective song stuck in your head, click here). I knit the beanie during of the knitting parties organized by the German hat knitter Susi Strickliesel (loosely translated “Susi Knitting Jenny”). Before we cooperated with WATG, I had never heard of them. However, WATG has a great concept – they took up the cause of offering sustainable, knitted fashion to knitters and non-knitters. Of course, the same is true for crocheted fashoin as well 😉 WATG does not only offer patterns, wool and kits – you can also buy ready-made products. That way, not only DIY-lovers get to enjoy hand-made knits.

Crazy sexy wool in “Shacklewell Grey” and Wool and the Gang knitting needles

During our knitting party, we knit the “Say My Name”-beanie. When I first touched the wool, I was surprised how incredibly soft it was! If I had to decide in which wool I’d want to take a bath, it’d be this wool by WATG! It’s not for nothing that it’s called “Crazy sexy wool” 😉

Knitting needles with the initials of Wool and the Gang

Contrary to the description in the pattern, I cast on the stitches using a circular knitting needle. According to the pattern, I should have knitted the hat flat with the enclosed wooden knitting needles and sew it together in the end. This makes the pattern easy to follow, even for beginners. However, I prefer to knit hats in the round, which is what I did. Sadly, I finished this hat waaaaaaay to early – I could’ve let this wool run through my fingers for a much longer time.

After having finished knitting the hat, a letter is embroidered on it – ideally the first letter of the hat wearer’s name. In my case, I embroidered an “M”, as I knit most things for myself. Embroidering the letter didn’t take as long as I’d thought – although the yarn ripped once. Of course, you can knit the hat directly in several different colors without embroidering – but WATG consciously decided that the motives should be embroidered. It is some sort of trademark and many WATG patterns include embroiderred motives. Additionally, it is probably easier for beginners to embroider a motive according to the pattern instead of handling knitting with several strands of different wool at once.

After I embroidered the letter, I had the feeling as if something was still missing… the hat needed a pompom! Thus, I bought a fake-fur pompom and attached it to my hat.

As it got really cold in Germany, I could test my hat under real-life conditions. And I have to say: I’m impressed! The wool is wunderfully thick and as the knitted texture is very dense (probably due to me knitting with high tension), the wind does not stand a chance at cooling my ears. My head was warm all around – the embroidered letter even augments this effect. So, if you like  your ears to stay warm during winter, then this hat is perfect for you! And of course, it’s also a great idea as a christmas present – because what is more personal than a personalized hat?

Klicke hier, um den Beitrag auf Deutsch zu lesen.


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